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Lovely Ash table!

January 01, 2020

Good morning everyone! 

We have completed a full kitchen refurbishment recently and created the worktops out of real hardwood ash. All tongue and grooved. We had lots left over and the customer asked if we could create a table for them, to which we replied 'most certainly!' 

Heres the final product for you to enjoy!

New fundraiser for South London Cares event! 'Pete's Bricklaying class and day out'.

August 16, 2017

Having worked around Essex and London I encountered a local charity called 'South London Cares'. An amazing charity that helps older members of our community avoid social isolation and loneliness. As a population, particularly the younger generation, we do not realise the effect this has on older people. Isolation can lead to distress and can cause severe depression.

The charity hosts events that all older people over 65 are welcome to, including Pub quizzes, cinema nights and writing clubs.

I decided to give a helping hand on a 'tech workshop' where I helped Tina, who is in her 70s, with her laptop and phone. The result was emotional, Tina, now with a lovely smile on her face, told me how she felt so much more confident with her tech, and how it’s going to change her life. Everything, Tina said, is done with computers these days and not knowing how to use them is incredibly isolating, as she does know have the knowledge on how to connect with others in her community via technology. Tina also attends many of the other events South London Cares offers, and it’s made an undoubtable impact on her life. From this moment I was determined to help the charity as much as possible. 

My company has decided to host a 'Bricklaying class' in August which is fully funded by 'Appreciate Pete', this includes venue hire, PPE and other necessities. We have invited as many elderly people to come along as possible. I will present a brief presentation on the history, methods and products of bricklaying. I will then teach them how to lay bricks (they will not be expected to erect a brick wall, it’s just a bit of fun after all!), and then I will explain pricing up on any brickwork so that they are less likely to be victims to tradesmen that may take advantage of their age. I am a City and Guilds qualified bricklayer in case anyone was wondering.

I have started this fundraiser in order to give you, the public, an opportunity to join me in donating to this wonderful charity which gives love, happiness and hope to the older members of our society. Unfortunately, they are massively underfunded and have a tiny budget of £40-£50 to spend on events (this includes venue hire, teas and coffees and any other requirements to host a successful day or evening), however with your donations this could change this. Lets help our over 65's become a part of our community and feel wanted.
Many many thanks for reading,



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